Invitation - Copper Temple


Dearest devotees !

All the religions in this world or you might call it samayam in religion have got their own books of prayer or Vedas.  A few of the religions have their own books of principles and mantras.   Our own Vedas amongst them have a very deep and extensively written principles.

Saiva Sithantham are held in high status by our devotees, the Panniru Thirumuraikal rank amongst them as important prayers.   Virtuous deeds or sins done by one in his previous birth reflect in his present birth as happy days or sorrowful days.    Panniru Thurumarai, standing as supreme in the line of our Vedas,  the collection of prayer verses help one to attain salvation.     The Great Gnanasambandar hails Panniru Thirumurai and Parayanam of Thirumurai helps you to get rid of the sins committed in the past.   It is this Thirumarai which helped one to get ‘Padikkaasu’  and also helped one to get rid of diseases and freed one from the effects of poison.   It also opened the holy gates of religion and Vedas.

It converted ordinary bones into a full-fledged woman, who was blessed with life.  It made ordinary stone into a holy boat.  It also helped the river Cauverie to flow in abundance.   It helped a small boy to come back alive,  who had inadvertently consumed a crocodile.   Thirumurai has done innumerable miracles.  Appar song in great praise of Thirumurai as , ‘Saththiram and Thothramum aanardhame’. Gnanasambandar sang in great praise saying, ‘Enathu urai, thanathu uraiyaga’.  The above sayings made Thirumurai as ‘Siva Vakkugal’.  That is why Thirumurai has been consistently as a prayer for worship and for a long time in history.  You could find Thirumurai written in wooden bases, temples, Aatheenams,  Madams and homes and sung as prayers during worship.  But then there has been no exclusive Temple  for this purpose.  When something is shown with an exclusive expression for the same, a temple like Thirukkoil for Thirumurai  became necessary.

Obviously, people’s exclusive attention became the order of the times.   We thus strongly believe that Thirumurai, beyond getting shown as just an introduction, it could be expressed in a much better fashion.    It is hence the proposal to inscribe Thirumurai prayers in copper plates and the plates duly arranged in the form of Sivalinga Thirumeni and kept in temples which we call as Thirumurai Thirukkoil.

We appeal to you all devotees to generously contribute for the above Holy service of constructing Thirumurai Thirukkoil Thiruppani and oblige.

May the world be filled with the Lord’s name and the world emerge as place of God’s blessings. ‘May the evil go away’

Siva Vaaku  –  ** As it’s a holy word spelt out by lord shiva known by the name