Aim of the Trust - Copper Temple

Aim of the Trust

By the holy graces of Lord Gnanakoothan and taking his blessings the Trust in the name of Arupathu Moovar Thiruppani was installed in the year of 2001 and the activities are going on.

The primary aim is to go on doing the Thiruppani concerning all the temples erected for all the 63 Nayanmars and also to erect temples in every one of the holy places where the Nayanmars were borne.

The aim is also to perform Poojas annually and also perform the Annual Festival in the place where the temples will be erected.  Annadanam will be conducted and also spiritual discourses will be arranged.   Arrangements will be made to collect as many devotees  as possible  along with other common people and elders to assemble during the festival occasions.  The aim is to spread the Holy Messages of our religion to all the devotees and people in general.

Commencing from the year 2001 and upto 2017, with the kind blessings of our Lord, and with the patronage of all devotees and elders and the guidance of the spiritual leaders and also  with the concurrence of the Hindu Religious Endownments Board, temples have been erected for 19 Nayanmars.

On 9th October 2008, the Car festival for Arupathu Moovar Arulgnana Ula  was performed throughout the Holy places like their places of birth and also places of their Samadhi.   This was made to be witnessed by all the devotees and ultimately on the 8th December, 2008, the festivals came to a close with the kind blessings of Lord Adavallaan in the temple of the Holy Seikkizhaar.

In every one of the Thirumurai temples the holy bowl containing the Panniru Thirumurai verses.   This is done in every one of the Temples of Thirumurai.

The Panniru Thirumurai verses are the Tamil Vedas given to us by Great personages like Lord Sivaperuman.  In order that the messages contained in the Vedas are made to spread throughout the world and help all the devotees and common people to be spiritually and materially benefitted and also help them to understand their greatness, the trust will inscribe the Thirumurai verses in the Copper Plates and carry them to every temple and worship.   Also the aim is to construct temples each in the form of Thamirasabhai and arrange for daily worship in the temples and get the benefits blessed by God.    Thirumurai thiruppani will be the name of this holy service.  If we did not have the blessings of God, we cannot perform all these activities.  We shall all join together in this Thiruppani and reach the Holy feet of our Lord by our efforts.