Thirumuraiye Saivanerik Karuvoolam
Thenthamizhin Thenpagagum
Thirumuraiye Kayilaiyinkan sivaperuman
Sevimaduththa senthamizh vetham
Thirumuraiye Natarasen Karamvaruntha
Yezhuthiyarul Deiva Noolaam
Thirumuraiye Sokkasen Mathimalivai
Malarntharulum Sirappittramal.


Dearest Devotees ,

By the kind graces and the Help of our Lord Gnanakkoothan, the Thiruppani Trust services being done in Vridhachalam of Cuddalore District, continues from the year 2001.   Temples have been constructed  in each of the holy places where the Great Personages were borne.   Annual festivals and Guru Poojas  are being conducted in each of those places.   The people of those places are invited to join in those festivals and the festivities are being celebrated every year.   Exclusive Sannadhis had been constructed for every one of the 21 Nayanmars during the times when kings were ruling those respective places.

By the holy Arupathu  Moovar Thiruppani Trust services now being done temples have been constructed for all the 19 Nayanmars, Kumbhabishekams have been performed and arrangements have been made in order to perform daily poojas and worship.   All festivities are going on every year.

The Holy Places of birth of 5 Nayanmaars are situated in outer States.   Now constructions of temples for 3 Nayanmars are going on.  We are contemplating with the benign blessings of the Lord  to do the constructions for the rest 15 Nayanmars.

In most of the temples, Sannadhis for all the 63 Nayanmaars are available.  But the fact is that in most of these Holy places of their births, there is no single symbol or reference in all these places.   That is not helping the Saiva Philosophy and religion to grow and be worshipped more  with Bhakthi fervour and celebrated.   Nowadays with the benevolent and munificent attitude of some rich devotees, the Trust Services are conducted.

In the year 2008 Continuing the services, in most of the places, Adiyavar arubathumoovar Car running festivals (Ratha Yathras) have been taking place and conducted regularly in all those Holy places where the Nayanmars were borne.  All devotees are receiving God’s blessings in those places.  The festival started in Chidambaram and ended up in Kundrathur where on the 63rd day Poojas were performed for Lord Seikkizhar and Kumbhabishekam was performed with the Blessings of Arupathu Moovar.    The festivals came to an end along with that Pooja.

By the Graces of Lord Peruman, and through the help of the Trust of Vridhachalam Arupathu moovar thirupani trust. A temple in the form of Ponnambalam was constructed in Thiru Appaadi in the year 2010.   The above trust is still working towards by inscribing on copper plates all the Twelve Thirumurai verses to enable thousands of devotees to visit and worship.  A total of about 4 tons of copper plates is needed in order to inscribe all the Twelve Thirumurai verses.

The proposal is to so inscribe all the Twelve Thirumurai verses in Copper Plates and make them into a Sivalingam and install it in the Karuvarai.   Every Copper Plate will weigh about 1 kilo each.   A book contains 20 Copper Plates.  The upper cover of every book will weigh 2 kilos and equally the lower cover of every book will weight 2 kilos.   The side-lock will weight 1 kilo each.  Every Copper Plate will weight 25 kilos.    Thirumurai verses, right from the day they were written, have been growing in their being chanted and followed by the devotees. So also Thirumurai verses must be further growing in our times also in their holy form.

Thousands of devotees in various countries like our own India, Singapore, Malaysia, London, Srilanka and Australia are requested to do the service  of explaining to all the devotees  in detail about the above holy service of inscribing Thirumurai in Copper Plates during the various festivals, conferences and individual homes during the times of regular worshipping in those places and requested to collect donations from as many members as possible.  We hope and pray to the feet of Lord Gnanakuthan, that the entire world will follow the path given in  Saiva Thirumurai verses  and help the above Holy Task to be satisfactorily completed.


May the Saiva Needhi fill this entire world and help the humanity to grow high spiritually.

Construction of Thirumurai Temple
Engraving of Thirumurai in Copper Plates

The Thirumurai comprises of 12 volumes of Holy Tamil Hymns sung by saivaite saints of Tamil Nadu (Saivaites are the followers of Saivism which is a section of Hinduism.

All religions in the world have scriptures of their own and these scriptures are worshipped with due reverence by the respective religions.

However the Tamil Thirumurai is unique, in that it contains tottirams and sattirams.

Tottirams are melodious hymns that sing the praise of Lord Shiva and constitute the Bakthi literature cattirams are the works which explain the Saiva Siddhantha or the Saiva philosophy. They constitute the philosophical literature.

Thus the saivism of Tamilnadu has both, the soul stirring hymns and the soul searching philosophy, thus leading to realization.

Generally in Hinduism and specifically in Saiva Siddantha it is acclaimed that the soul undergoes rebirth. It is strongly believed that the sins committed in the past births are the root cause of all the pleasure and the pain in the present.

Fervently receiting the Thirumurai with true devotion and dedication  will pave the way for eternal bliss. This is the only way to attain the sacred feet of Lord Siva and thereby cease to be a part of the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Thirumurai is considered auspicious as  “ **Siva Vaaku ” – Sacred utterances by Lord Siva himself. Hence it is Worshipped with regard and reverence throughout Tamilnadu in all the temples and mutts.

The thirumurai has to be secured for posterity and the tradition of singing the hymns has to be handed down to the generations to come.

In view of this earnest desire, a temple for Thirumurai becomes essential and need of the hour. This will enhance the perspective of the public at large to understand the greatness of our tradition and Thirumurai.

It is with this sole intention that we propose to construct a Thirumurai temple. Here will be consecrated and housed the 12 volumes of the great Thirumurai, all of which engraved in copper plates.

These will be considered as manifestation of Siva himself as Lingam which depicts form, formless and form/formless. Such a profound truth represented by a simple form.

The copper plates not only make a permanent impression of the Thirumurai but also absorb the cosmic radiation of the universe, which in turn will influence the human bodies praying in proximity. Thus there is harmony for the body and soul.

All public , Devotees and philanthropists are earnestly requested to participate in this sacred endeavour

** As it’s a holy word spelt out by lord shiva known by the name – Siva Vaaku