Thirukkoil - Copper Temple


The Sanctum Sanctorum of the Sacred Temple containing Thirumurai : The Sanctum Sanctorum of the proposed temple will be in the form of Thamira Sabhai of our Lord Sivaperuman who is ruling this world. It will be covered with Copper Covering right from the bottom portion upto the Gopura Kalasam of the above Thirukkoil. All the Panniru Thirumurai verses will be the Moolavar Deity inside the Sacred Sannadhi and installed in the form of Copper Plates and then Kumbhapishekam performed for the Moolavar Deity.
Dwarabalakas: Raja Raja Cholan, who was otherwise called Thirumuraikanda Chola king, who had installed Thirumurai verses in all the temples and Anabhaya Cholan who had installed Thiruthondar Puranam and made the entire world understand about Arubathu moondru Nayanmars must be made and installed as Dwarabalakas at the entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum of Thirumurai.
The four Holy persons – Samayakuravars : Chekkizaar praised them as the principal eyes of Saiva Punyam.   They must be installed in the Thirumurai Thirukkoil, and arrangements must be made to worship them daily by the entire religious world by the graces of the Almighty Gnanakuthan.
27 Holy Saints who gave us the Panniru Thirumurai verses : The Tamil vedas are those scriptures which were blessed by our Lord Siva through Enlightened Saints and Holy personages.  All these 27 Saints must be duly installed in the proposed Thirumurai Thirukkoil.
The Divine Chekkizaar : The Divine Chekkizaar wrote the Great Periapuranam and made it one of the greatest spiritual works of the world.   He also explained to this world, the divine story of Ollaiyavar Puranam.   A holy Sannadhi must be constructed for this Great Personage and help the entire world understand and worship him.
Santhanakuravars :
Santhanakuravars were those people who had introducd to us the Holy works of Saiva Sathira verses.   A separate Sannadhi must be constructed for these Holy men and help the entire world understand and worship them and also understand the greatness of the Thirukkoil, by the Kind Graces of our Gods.
Saints of Saiva Religion : Our intention is to make the figures of the famous Saints of our Saiva religion and also help worshipping them, by providing suitable Sannadhis.   All the details about their greatness, the details about the books and verses written by them, all the historically famous works of theirs will be inscribed in Tamil and English in stones.  This will help the future generation to appreciate their greatness for ever.
Land : A total area of about 10 acres of land is needed to construct (1) Thirumurai Thirukkoil, (2) Mahamandapam where Thirumurai Thirumeni will be taken and kept for the Darshan by the devotees , (3)  Construction of Sannadhis for erecting the figures of the famous personages , and  (4) Suitable place for all the devotees to sit and worship.   Hence the devotees are requested to donate lands and finance and help this noble task to be completed by the graces of Gnanakuthan and we bow down for the same purpose at his feet. Costruction Work : The Mahamandapam of Thirukkoil, Sannadhis for the saints, Madappalli, Room for keeping the Pooja materials, Library, Nandavanam garden, Water tank, Lecture hall, Office room, Toilet, Compound wall –  all these must be constructed one and the same process.     You need two three phase electrical sources.   We will be extremely grateful if any of you take up these works themselves and execute them as their contributions. Annual Festivals : During Aani thirumanchanam and Arudra Darshanam, the Copper Plates kept in the Sanctum Sanctorum and also Thirumurai Thirumeni will be taken to the Mahamandapam and help the devotees and other elders to have the Darshan along with Doopa, Deepa Neyvedyam and Aradhana Pooja.  Parayanas will also be done at the same time and at the same place as part of the Annual festivals.   Also on the days of the Star of Birth of the Holy saints Gurupooja festivals will be done with poojas, by the graces of the Almighty  in a great way.
Daily Pooja Performances : Daily during the appointed time of the Naalu Kala Pooja ( Done in four different timings ),  poojas will be done for Spatika Lingam, representing the Thirumurai verses kept inscribed in the form  Copper Plates in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple.    This convention follows the same procedure of Pooja performed for our God Sri Natarajar in Chidambaram temple.  IT is the holy desire of our Almighty  to follow the same procedure in Thirumurai Thirukkoil also.
Temple : A detailed history of the Thirukkoil must be kept inside the Thirukkoil where the Lord has been giving Darshan and blessings to the devotees.    Our religion abounds in details of the Shastras, Slokams, Epics, Puranas, Literature, Grammar lessons, Medicine, Yoga and details of living culture.   They are being maintained, preserved and followed implicitly throughout generations.   Our religious works have attracted foriegners also.  A library must be installed and maintained in the Thirukkoil.  We appeal to all the devotees to generously contribute the different kinds of books on our religion and culture to be kept in the proposed library.
Aatheenams : Details of history of the Holy Personages who were responsible for having designed the various temples and gave a divine support for building the temples must be kept and made available in the proposed Thirukkoil with  Thirumurai Copper Plate Inscriptions.  Those literature must contain in detail about the Holy places where the Holy Personages were borne and lived.
Benevolent donors : Details about countless donors who had offered finance and other things for building the temple and maintaining them must be kept in the Thirumurai temple premises in the form of Short historical references.   This must be made known extensively to every one right from youngsters upto elders.