It's All the world over

Shivaya Nama


Your intelligence will improve;  Your ideals will be realised.   All your problems and impediments will go away.  Your wealth will improve.  Whatever you had desired for will be fulfilled.    You will get peace.    No diseasse will attack you.   Inscribing the Thirumurai verses will help the future generation to learn them and do research.    Humanity will be rid of Nature’s fury and dangers alike.    In order to be blessed with relief  for the above  all  we the devotees all over the world will unite and join at the Thirukkoil temple and pray to Thirumurai Nathar.


Praying by reciting daily  all the Thirumurai verses after inscribing them in copper plates,   we can feel the  spiritual vibrations and sense them overcoming us with blessings.  This is exactly the moment when the devotess in this world start realising themselves.     By praying to the Thirumurai Yanthiram, religion, language and culture will all develop more and more.   Wisdom will dawn and everyone will attain the Status of Yoga.  A sense of fraternity will grow and bless the humanity.   People will come together, join and be blessed with love and fraternity.


The Panniru thirumuraigal, famous for being recited by all the devotees of the world, have been inscribed in Copper Plates by the Graces of Gnanakkuthan and installed in the New Thirukkoil, the first of its kind in this World. Their greatness is growing  more with times since the prime installation.


About Temple

The temple for Panniru Thirumurai is going to be constructed by the kind blessings of the Almighty Gnanakoothan. All the Panniru Thirumurai verses are going to be inscribed in Copper Plates and a book is going to be made to contain 25 Plates. ln total 155 books are proposed to be made. Every plate weights a kiio.


Thirumurai Copper Plate