In the place called Thiruneyppaer, where His Holiness  Nami Nandiadigal was borne, (Thiruvarur circle of Thiruvarur District), and in the temple of Lord Arulmigu Vanmeekanatha Swami, on the day of  Guru Pooja  on 04-06-2016, Copper figures  for His Holiness Nami Nandiadigal were erected by Vridhachalam Arubathumoovar Thirupani Trust.   Every year, Guru Pooja festival and the religious procession for Nayanmar were conducted.   Continuing, a new Sannadhi was constructed for His Holiness Nami Nandiadigal on 29-05-2017.
To Construct the Temple
Old inscriptions and art
Procession (Around the streets of) the sacred Naminanthi adigal nayanar